If there was fraud, even more reason to fire Trump!

Lucas McGregor
4 min readJan 4, 2021

Imagine if you went to a restaurant, one that you have frequented and enjoyed for years. In fact, you often brag to people that it’s the greatest restaurant in the world!

Today the Chef comes running out of the kitchen screaming not to eat the food! He tells us the food is bad, we shouldn’t trust it. He says that he needs to return to the kitchen. ONLY he can resolve this.

Surprised, we ask what is wrong with the food? How did it go bad? As the Chef, how come he didn't catch this before it was served to us?

He complains about what a dump the restaurant is. He cannot trust anyone on his staff. He has had high turn over for the last couple of years. Some of his vendors has been selling him questionable ingredients. Everyone is out to get him. None of this is his fault.

We should trust him to fix this.

1) Fire the the Chef

This is incredible, as in hard to believe.

We have eaten at this restaurant 58 times before. We have seen 44 previous Chefs. Never once have any of the past chefs, in the last 232 years, 58 meals; failed in preparing a trusted election… er, meal.

Same resteraunt. Same rules.

If this election has failed. It is clearly the fault of the President. When Hilary won the popular election, but lost the last election; sure people grumbled. People called for a change to the Electoral College, but no one in the government said that the election had failed and that the results should be thrown out.

That system had legally and democratically elected Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America. For the last four years he has been in charge of the government and been responsible for defending our nation. He was not opposed by Congress or the Courts. Quite the contrary, all three branches of the government supported his agenda.

If our elections are untrustworthy, it is his failure. He is the ONE thing that has changed since the last 57 successful elections. He has had four years, where his biggest responsibility, was to protect our democracy. He had four years to prepare for this election, to make sure our democracy would continue. If after 228 years of successful democracy, it fails on his watch, then it is HIS fault!

We should should fire the Chef and find one that can do the job.

2) Where is the Evidence?

Trump has mounted over 40 legal challenges to the election he ran. They ran all the way from federal courts, state supreme courts, the the US Supreme court — all of which failed.

In short, Trump went before judges over 40 times claiming that the election was fraud. Each time, the judges asked for some evidence. Do you have some fake ballots to show? Evidence of machines that were tampered with or switched out? Boxes of ballots that were tampered with? Votes that were not counted? Places where votes were switched?

Trump is claiming that the results from at least six states are so bad that their entire vote should be ignored. He is saying that multiple hundreds of thousands of votes were faked. If true, this would be HUGE.

Yet, they have NO evidence. In each of the 40+ cases, Trumps laywers admitted, under oath, that they have no evidence for these claims. Not one example.

This has not stopped them from claiming there was fraud. This has not stopped them from bringing questionable whitness to claim that they saw fraud. This has not stopped Trump from saying that the election run by his government was a fraud — but for such a vast and far reaching conspiracy, there is no physical evidence.

Maybe if Trump shared President Washington’s reputation for truth and honesty, we could at least take his word for it. Sadly, Trump’s legal reputation shows a history of bending truth, outright deception, and using his army of lawyers to bully his way.

There is no evidence of wide-spread fraud because there was no wide-spread fraud. The evidence, and his personal history, instead show a pattern of Trump committing fraud.

3) Why Only Democratic Votes

Despite a lack of evidence and personal credibility, if we decide to believe Trump; then why only those six state? Why only the votes where democrats won do we throw them out?

On the same Wisconsin ballots that Trump lost in, 10 Republican congress people won. They actually gained seats in congress. Why are those votes on the same ballot also not being thrown out? Are the ballots trustworthy, or not?

Or, are only votes for democrats not trustworthy?

Trump Lost

If the election failed, as the head of the government, it would be Trump’s fault. QED, he is not fit to be reelected.

If there was fraud, there would be some evidence. In America you are innocent until proven guilty. If we are going to do something as serious as throw away the votes of millions of people; there should be some proof.

If the ballots were really tampered with, how can we trust the votes for ten Republican congress people, but not the ones for Biden — on the SAME ballots?

Facts are facts, and they don’t support throwing away the election; and they certainly don’t support throwing away only the votes that make you lose.

If the greatest restaurant in the world fails for the first time to deliver in 232 years, look at the Chef and stop listening to his excuses.



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